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Why we support
Surf Life Saving New Zealand

We entered into our partnership with Surf Life Saving New Zealand in November 2016. We are pleased to celebrate it by sharing the stories our local surfclubs and the important work that they and lifeguards across the country do all year round. Surf lifesaving doesn’t end with summer.

TSB has a strong alignment with Surf Life Saving New Zealand through our values, history, allegiance to New Zealand and service to our communities. 






Surf Life Saving
New Zealand

Since 1910 extraordinary New Zealanders have been volunteering their weekends to patrol New Zealand beaches. Whether patrolling swimming areas or rescuing in heavy surf, every Surf Lifeguard knows the powerful motivation of saving or protecting a life. It's a motivation that marks Surf Life Saving as more than just 'something to do' at the weekend. 

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is the national charity representing 74 Surf Life Saving Clubs in New Zealand who patrol in over 80 locations throughout the New Zealand summer months.

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