We asked for your TSB Good Stuff! ideas, and we received so many entries! We’re excited to give kiwis the chance to give back to the community with our grants for great ideas

New Zealand’s a country of innovators, with a proud history of Kiwis taking a big idea and making it happen. We’re getting behind Kiwis like this to fund concepts which will solve problems and have an impact for the good of New Zealand communities.

TSB Good Stuff! grants are a kick-starter fund to help Kiwis realise their bright ideas. From developing a new product, service or app, to creating new employment opportunities in the community.

Our judges have been busy reviewing all applications, and with People’s Choice Voting closing at 10am on Monday 12 July it won’t be long now until August when we reveal all of our winners. 

Keep an eye out and get ready to celebrate New Zealand! 


People's Choice