Effective 15 July 2022 TSB increased its AgriBusiness, Commercial and Business variable and revolving credit interest rates as follows:

  • A 0.50% increase to variable rates
  • A 0.50% increase to the revolving credit rate

Because our rates have increased the applicable interest rate for customers:

  • with existing lending in place as at 15 July 2022 and
  • whose current interest rate* is made up of one of the rates that is increasing

will increase by the same amount as the increase in the relevant rate (this includes where a margin or discount is applied to your loan).
The increase for these customers will be effective from 29 July 2022.

Don't forget to read this bit
  • The changes do not apply to fixed interest rate loans
  • We’re happy to advise your specific rate and payment details on request

*See your loan contract for information on which interest rate applies to your loan.