Our websites work best with the latest browsers & operating systems.

Keeping your computer current

Browsers (the software you use to view the internet) and operating systems (the hardware on your computer) regularly need updating after downloading them for the first time to ensure the websites you visit still work, and any security loopholes have been fixed. An old browser may be unsupported and is a security risk, which may mean your personal data is unsafe. 

As we continue to upgrade our website service and security measures, you may encounter issues if you haven't updated your browser recently. You can check in your settings, or use this handy tool to tell you if your browser or operating system needs to be updated. It also provides handy information and links if you do need to get the latest version. 

While we will endeavour to help you with this process as much as possible, there may be instances where you will have to contact your local computer technician or network administrator for further help.


Out of date operating systems

Windows XP

Your operating system no longer supports updates after Internet Explorer version 8. You will have to either download a new browser, or if you wish to continue using Internet Explorer, you will have to update your operating system.