We’ve made some changes to our General Banking Information.

Our General Banking Information sets out the rules under which we provide banking products and services to you as a customer. They explain your rights and responsibilities, and ours.

From 30 November 2017, changes to the General Banking Information take effect. Outlined below are the changes and what they mean for you.  Please take the time to read through and understand how these changes might affect you.

By continuing to use our accounts and services, you agree to these changes.


What’s changed?

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

Term Investment
Clarity of penalties when you terminate or partially withdraw your Term Investment. 

Prize Draw Promotions
The cash and car prize draw terms and conditions have been combined.

Account and service fee information

Visa Debit
An increase to the daily purchase limit to $8,000.

Business Account
Clarity and explanation of Business account fees.