Helping customers through COVID-19

TSB is renowned for its customer care, but the bank’s commitment has gone to a whole new level as part of its response to COVID-19, including personally contacting customers to ‘check-in’. 

CEO Donna Cooper says she’s incredibly proud of the way the Bank is going the extra mile to help New Zealanders at this challenging time. 

“At TSB we genuinely care about our customers and since the COVID-19 pandemic began our people have demonstrated that more than ever.  

“Our frontline teams have been proactively contacting customers who have missed a mortgage or credit card payment they usually make, to check in and make sure they understand the ways we can help them. 

“We’ve had a really great response to this with many people grateful we’ve reached out and helped them get a better understanding of their options. 

“I think often people are afraid to ring their Bank when they’re struggling, but by having a conversation we can work together to identify the best ways to help and that’s a good outcome.”

Ms Cooper says TSB teams have also been proactively ringing customers over 70 years old to check in and offer support, starting with the people who typically rely solely on branches to do their banking. 

“We miss seeing these people in our branches on a regular basis, but it’s simply not safe for them to be out and about in the way they normally would.  

“So it’s wonderful we can help them in other ways, including providing them with the ‘hello’ and conversation that they would usually get from us.” 

Ms Cooper says another positive thing to come from this challenge is that the Bank has been able to upskill customers on how to use online and mobile banking services.  

“COVID-19 has shown us how valuable it is for our customers to have alternative ways to do their banking, so we’ve been working closely with people to get them signed up and using our online and mobile options.  

“Our people won’t hesitate to spend an hour with someone teaching them the ins and outs of online banking which I think is pretty amazing.   

“Our team are great teachers and find it really rewarding when they’ve helped someone to become an online banking pro! So I encourage our customers who aren’t already using online or mobile banking to give us a call on 0800 872 226 and we’ll help get them up to speed.”  

To help customers who aren’t able to use ATMs, phone or online banking, during Alert Level Three TSB branch opening hours will be extended from 9am-12pm on Mondays to a full day.  

To follow Government direction and align with the other New Zealand banks one branch in each region TSB operates will be open on Mondays only (or Tuesday 28 April due to ANZAC observed holiday), except in Taranaki where four will open to cater to a larger customer base. All other branches are closed until further notice. Specific opening hours can be found on the TSB website.  

“We expect demand on our branches will grow next week with more economic activity occurring under Alert Level Three, so that’s why we’re extending our weekly opening hours to full days,” says Ms Cooper.  

Ms Cooper wants to reinforce that customers should still only visit these branches if they really need to.   

“The Government is continuing to ask New Zealanders to stay home to save lives – so wherever possible we need our customers to do their banking using our online, mobile and phone services and to apply for COVID-19 support packages via our website.  

“That will mean our branches will be safer and we’ll be able to spend more time supporting customers who can’t use our other services.”  

If customers do need to visit a TSB branch, they can be reassured these are being cleaned to the highest standard and have strict safety protocols in place, such as observing two metre distancing guidance and staff wearing gloves.   


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