Murray Bain, Deputy Chairman    Taking the reins

When Kevin Murphy announced his retirement last year, one of the questions for our Board of Directors was ‘what do we do in the interim to ensure continuity?’. So, when the Board asked me to consider stepping in as the Acting Managing Director I was both humbled and proud to be considered to assist TSB with this transition.

I’ve been on the TSB Board for about five years now, and in that time I’ve come to understand a lot of what TSB is about - its background, its heritage and its proud history. Having this knowledge of TSB and its history put me in a good position to take the reins on the temporary appointment and keep the momentum going.

Our Board has appointed Caldwell Partners to undertake the recruitment process for a new CEO. We’re looking for an inspirational and empowering leader who can recognise the heritage of TSB and its strengths - understanding the importance of our long standing history in the local community and the desire to continue to build on what has already been started.

The process to find a new CEO takes time; our Board hopes to have a new appointment determined by the end of April or shortly thereafter but of course it depends on finding a candidate that fulfills our requirements and aligns with our ambitions. In the meantime, my role is to help guide, encourage and support the TSB team through this transitional process.

Some of the initiatives in TSB’s future will be focused on continuing to embrace technology to provide better service to our customers. Working in I.T. in the 1970’s has given me an understanding of the importance of transforming banking to embrace digital and how customers want to bank in the future. We need to integrate face-to-face and digital so our customers can choose the way they want to bank, but still experience the same TSB customer service and support through both.

In my interim role with TSB, I am personally committed to providing our employees with clear direction and transparency for the opportunities we have available to us in the coming financial year. And for our customers, I am confident that our teams remain focused on doing the right thing to provide you with the exceptional level of experience you have come to know and expect from TSB.

It’s an exciting time for TSB and I’m pleased to play a part in the bank’s continued success.


Murray Bain
Acting Managing Director





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Have you switched to paperless banking  yet?


If you’re currently receiving paper statements, next time you login to Online Banking you’ll be given the option to switch to receiving them online instead. Not only are electronic statements eco-friendly, but you’ll also be able to access them anytime, anywhere.

Select the switch now option on the notification message and you’ll see a list of your accounts, including your Visa account if you have a credit card, with the default setting changed from paper to electronic. If you’d prefer to keep receiving paper statements, you’ll need to change the setting back. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, confirm the changes and you’re all done. 

If you change your mind about how you’d like to receive your account statements in the future, you can update your preferences in the statements area of your Online Banking menu. Currently your Visa statement preference can only be updated via the notification message, but we’ll be implementing the option to change Visa statement preferences in the statements area of Online Banking soon.


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Your Visa Debit daily purchase limit has increased


As of December last year, the daily spend limit for Visa Debit cards increased to $8,000 per day – hopefully you’ve been enjoying the change! Originally the limit was capped at $5,000 but after review, we increased the limit in order to give you flexibility to purchase bigger value items in a single transaction.

A reminder that the increase only applies to your Visa Debit purchases - no change has been made to cash withdrawal amounts from ATMs or Eftpos card daily limits.


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In your community

At TSB, we love supporting the community. As a 100% New Zealand-owned bank, we sponsor events and activities that benefit the communities we’re part of.