We’ve made some changes to our Retail Loan Contract Terms.

We’ve updated our Retail Loan Contract Terms, specifically the addition of clause 12 ‘What conduct is required of you?’

12. What conduct is required of you?

We have obligations to protect our staff and customers against harm to their health and safety. When dealing with us, you agree that you will not engage in any conduct or use any language that is abusive or intended to intimidate or harass.

You also agree that you will not be involved in any criminal activity of any nature that may adversely affect our interests.

If you do engage in any such conduct or activity or use any such language, we can require you to repay all amounts owing upon demand being made and, in the case of a revolving credit loan or overdraft loan, cancel your ability to borrow money under such facilities.

Please take the time to read through and understand how these changes might affect you. By continuing to use our accounts and services, you agree to these changes.