See what’s new in Mobile Banking

We've just updated our Mobile Banking app with more of what you may have been used to in our old [my]bank app. These changes will help make banking on the go even easier.

Update your details
Keep your details up-to-date through Mobile Banking so we can reach you if we need to, and any important information or alerts can get to you. Simply click your name or photo in the menu to edit:

• Your preferred name
• Profile Image
• Your address
• Phone numbers
• Email address
• IRD number & RWT rate

Search and pay companies & tax 
You can now search for companies to pay, set up new ones, and pay tax, all from the 'Pay Someone' menu.

Get alerts of activity on your account
You now don't have to check in regularly to see if you've been paid, or wait to find out if your balance has dropped too low. Set alerts when money arrives, your balance drops below a certain amount, when your statement is ready and more. Choose how and what you want to receive in 'Settings' under 'Alerts'. 

Do check your details are up-to-date before setting alerts. 

See when you last paid someone
See recent payments made to each person or company you pay without scrolling through your transactions. When you're setting up a payment in 'Pay Someone', click who you're looking to pay then tap 'recent' to see what you paid and when. 

Change payment limits for authentication
Choose your own limit when we ask you to confirm a payment by text message or token. Set the limit to any figure up to $5000, or to $0 to confirm every payment you make to someone. Look for 'Payment Authentication' in the Settings menu.

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