COVID-19 rise in video calling inspires TSB Virtual Bank – an online, personalised branch

TSB Virtual Bank has launched today giving New Zealanders based anywhere in the country an online branch where they can discuss their home lending needs via video call, join the Bank and open accounts. 

The new portal on the TSB website means people will be able to instantly book a video call with a Mobile Mortgage Manager to talk lending at a time that suits them. New Zealanders can also join TSB and open an account on the new portal in just a few minutes, with modern technology confirming their identity by filming a short video selfie. 

TSB general manager marketing and customer experience Justine St John says during COVID-19 lockdown, using video calling and digital services to meet your daily needs became the new normal, so TSB is excited to help Kiwis continue embracing that with their banking. 

“With most of our branches unavailable we were so proud of the high level of care we were able to offer our customers via phone, email and internet and mobile banking, but there are always going to be some financial conversations where you want a more personal interaction with your banker.  

“At TSB that’s really important to us; we’re known for our human, authentic touch. We’ve won the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for banking five years in a row because we genuinely care about building relationships with our customers and getting the best for them. 

“What COVID-19 proved was that you can still get that personal, human touch via a video call, but connecting this way is more convenient. For example, it removes travel time to get to a meeting, conversations tend to be speedier, and all of that gives you more flexibility in your daily schedule,” says Ms St John. 

“Virtual Bank was born from that desire for more convenience, because it means people all over New Zealand, regardless of if they have a TSB branch nearby, can click a button at any time of day, to book a video call appointment with one of our friendly team.  

“Then we’ll be here to provide a great level of support for their banking needs in the moments that matter – like buying or selling a home.” 

New Zealanders can access TSB Virtual Bank at and book a video call appointment to discuss their lending needs, join TSB or open an account, right away. 



For more information contact:

Philippa Walker
TSB Media & Communications Manager


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