Visa Debit FAQs

What are the fees to use EFTPOS & ATMs on the TSB Bank Visa Debit card?

There are no transaction fees to use EFTPOS within New Zealand, or to withdraw money from ATMs owned by a New Zealand bank. See our Visa Classic Credit Card Information for a full list of rates & fees.

What’s the cash advance fee?
If you withdraw money overseas at an ATM or a bank, or go into another bank within New Zealand and use your card over the counter to withdraw money, you’ll be charged the cash advance fee.  

Why are the numbers not embossed on the card?
We are one of the first banks to bring in non-embossed Visa Debit cards. By not having to emboss, we are able to provide an additional layer of security where cards must be used with a PIN or payWave, and can’t be manually processed in store. 

Why do some transactions not show straight away?
Transactions will only show when the retailer has reconciled their payments and passed the record of the transaction to us – sometimes this can take a few days, especially with overseas purchases, however, you should see your available balance has reduced.

What is an authorisation on my account?
This is either a purchase you have completed, where we are waiting for the record of the transaction to be sent to us, or may be a hold on a purchase you have authorised so the retailer can confirm there are funds available until they process the full payment. This is common with retailers such as iTunes and Spotify, who might hold a small amount such as $1, but will then lift the hold once the full payment goes through. 

Do I insert the card, swipe it or tap it?
Follow the terminal prompts. If payWave is available, you’ll be able to hold the card over the reader to complete the transaction. Otherwise, if the option to insert is available, this must be tried first (the terminal will tell you to). If a retailer doesn’t have an EFTPOS terminal that lets you insert the card, there’s a magnetic stripe on the back – simply swipe it instead. 

What accounts do I choose on the EFTPOS terminal?
WITHIN NZ: If you added a cheque account to the card when you applied and want to pay from that account, select ‘cheque’. If you added a savings account and want to use funds in that account, select ‘savings’. If you choose ‘credit’, the transaction will be declined. If you have no cheque or savings accounts nominated, choosing either cheque or savings on the terminal will access your default account. 
OVERSEAS: If an option is given, you should select ‘credit’. Funds will be deducted from the default account you specified, not your credit card.

A retailer doesn’t accept credit cards. Can I still use Visa Debit?
Yes, you can – this card isn’t a credit card. Select your cheque or savings account when completing the purchase and funds will be deducted from your selected account.

How do I load the card with funds?
Visa Debit isn’t a credit or prepaid card, or another account option, so you don’t need to pre-load it. It works similarly to your TSB Eftpos card (with a few extra benefits like shopping online), so it’s attached to your nominated accounts and money is withdrawn directly from those accounts. 

I wanted a separate account just to use Visa Debit.
Talk to us about opening another account and we can easily switch your nominated account to your new one.

I can’t log in to Online Banking with my Visa Debit card.
Please use the full 16-digit number on the front of your Visa Debit card, starting with 4375.

Is it OK to use my date of birth as my PIN?
No – if your card is stolen and your PIN used, you wouldn’t be covered if you use an easily guessed PIN such as date of birth or sequential numbers. Please get in touch to change it.

I was waiting to pay and money came off my card without doing anything.
If you use an EFTPOS terminal with payWave facility, funds may be withdrawn if you are holding the card over the terminal after the retailer has keyed in the transaction, even if you intend to use your PIN. Wait for the retailer, and only then bring your card up to the terminal to insert or swipe the card as normal. Read more about payWave