• What prompted the decision to refresh your look?

    The decision to change was led by customer feedback which indicated our brand was no longer a reflection of our current business or our growth objectives. We have changed and developed a lot over the last few decades so it was time to reposition TSB as a national brand that appeals to all New Zealanders and reflects our growth aspirations. 

  • When was the last time you refreshed your look?

    We last updated our look and feel over 25 years ago, in 1989.

  • Has TSB been bought out or taken over by another company?

    No, we have not been bought out or taken over by another company.

  • Does this now mean that your profits are going offshore?

    No, we continue to be 100% New Zealand owned and independent.

  • Why did you change your colours?

    We changed our colours to stand out from other banks and refresh our look.

  • What are your new colours?

    Our new colours are deep indigo, rich green and vibrant mint. 

  • Why did you shorten your name?

    Being TSB and no longer TSB Bank reflects one of our values – ‘keeping it simple’. Our research confirmed this was the right decision.

  • Did you get feedback from customers prior to refreshing your look?

    Yes. We asked customers and non-customers for feedback about us and we learnt it was time to make some changes to better reflect who we are and who we want to be.

  • What does this change mean for the Taranaki region?

    Our commitment to Taranaki is as strong as ever. The changes we are implementing are designed to support our business growth strategy and any growth to our business has the potential to benefit the Taranaki region through our annual dividend. New Plymouth will continue to be the home of our Head Office. 

  • Are you updating the interior of your branches?

    No, we do not have plans to update the interior of our branches in conjunction with our new logo and colours at this point in time. It may be a consideration in the future.
    We are currently reviewing the layout and design of our branches.

  • When will you be updating the signage at your other branches?

    We will be rolling out updated signage to all of our branches over the next 12 months.

  • Does your recent change signal that you are opening more branches around NZ?

    No. Decisions regarding branches are not related to our refreshed look and feel.

  • Will you charge more fees?

    No. We're a low fee bank.

  • Can I still use online banking / mobile banking? I got a message about something being different.

    Yes. The message was to let you know we'll be updating the look of Online Banking and Mobile Banking, but the way you do things remains the same.

  • What song is in your TV commercial and who sings it?

    The song is "Changes" by David Bowie. Vocals performed by  Ash Wallace.  Ash is a singer/songwriter studying music at The University of Auckland. 
    The song is arranged, produced and mixed by APRA Silver Scroll Award recipient Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper.  Mahuia is a classically trained violinist, producer, musician and composer who works across the full spectrum of music, from composing for film (Mahana, Housebound, Fantail) to performing his own music as part of The Black Quartet and Kittens of the Internet. Based in Auckland, Mahuia is represented by Franklin Rd Music & Sound for all commercial work.

  • Can I purchase the song from your TV commercial?

    Unfortunately no. The song is copyright protected.  TSB purchased the rights to use the song in our advertising campaign but this permission does not extend to selling or sharing the song.





Let us know what you think of our change. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

press release

Press release

Hear from our CEO Kevin Murphy around our recent change. 



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