At a glance

  • No need to convert funds when sending and receiving payments
  • Withdraw or deposit foreign currency without needing to convert
  • Keep your money in your TSB Foreign Currency Account until you're ready to convert
  • View balances and transactions via Online Banking
  • Pay money overseas directly from your TSB Foreign Currency Account
  • Funds are held on call, meaning you can access them at any time during New Zealand business hours

View rates and fees that apply to a TSB Foreign Currency Account. 


Note: A Foreign Currency Account isn’t suitable for accessing cash while you travel or save for your holiday. See options for ways to carry and access your holiday money here



Your currency options


Country Code Currency
Australia AUD Dollar
United States USD Dollar
United Kingdom GBP Pound
European Union EUR Euro
Japan JPY Yen
Canada CAD Dollar
Switzerland CHF Franc
Hong Kong HKD Dollar
Singapore SGD Dollar
South Africa ZAR Rand

If you’d like to set up a Foreign Currency Account or would like to know more, get in touch and we’ll help get you set up.

  • Don’t forget to read this bit

    We don’t hold all currencies, all the time, we may need to order some for you.

    Foreign Exchange services may be limited to existing customers at some of our smaller branches. 

    Some transactions may not be available to non-TSB customers. Contact us to see if our Foreign Exchange service is listed as available at your nearest branch.