How to transfer money to your Foreign Currency account from overseas

If you have money to transfer to your Foreign Currency account, the overseas bank will need a few details before the payment can be made.

You will need to provide ALL details below to either your overseas bank or to the person you’re expecting payment from.

Payments are to be sent to:


Harbour Quays
New Zealand

To credit TSB account:

Account name (as it appears on your statement)
Account number: 02-1000-xxxxxx-xxxx

Payment details:

Do not convert; payment is to be deposited into a foreign currency account.

A few things to note:

  • Overseas banks may require an IBAN, ABA number, Sort Code or a BSB from you. New Zealand does not use any of these. The bank address and/or SWIFT code above should be sufficient to send the payment.
  • IBANs are similar to your full account number and are not used in New Zealand. However if an IBAN is required, the IBAN field can be loaded as BNZ 02-1000-xxxxxx-xxxx.
  • The New Zealand equivalent of an ABA/Sort Code/BSB is LCC (Local Clearing Code), which is the beneficiary bank and branch number. Local Clearing Codes aren’t required if the payment is NOT in New Zealand Dollars, however, if the overseas bank is insistent, BNZ's LCC code for Foreign Currency accounts is 021000.
  • Other banks or third parties may charge or deduct commission, fees or other transfer charges in addition to the fee charged when the payment is sent. Any charges will be deducted from the amount received and will be your responsibility.

If the overseas bank has trouble with these instructions, please advise them to contact their bank’s international department for further clarification.


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