The Government will contribute 50c for each dollar you’ve contributed to your KiwiSaver - up to $521.43 every KiwiSaver year.

To get the full amount, you’ll need to have contributed at least $1,042.86 per KiwiSaver year. That comes to around $20 per week and can be made up of employee and voluntary contributions. Even if you haven’t contributed the full amount, the Government will still contribute 50c for each dollar you’ve saved that KiwiSaver year.

The KiwiSaver year begins on 1 July, ending on 30 June. That means now’s the time to check you’re eligible for the total $521.43.


How do I know I’m eligible?

You are eligible if, during the KiwiSaver year, you:

  • Are a member of a KiwiSaver scheme;
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Mainly livie in NZ; 
  • Can not yet withdraw your KiwiSaver for retirement; and
  • Have contributed at least $1,042.86 into your KiwiSaver account

If you’re unsure about any of the above talk to your KiwiSaver provider.


KiwiSaver with Fisher Funds? You can check your balance through the Fisher Funds Portal below.


How can I top up my KiwiSaver account?

You can top up your Fisher Funds KiwiSaver by paying directly into the Scheme account through your Online Banking. Use your Fisher Funds account number and your surname as a reference.

If your KiwiSaver Account Number begins with FI:

Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme



When will I receive my Government Contribution?

At the end of the KiwiSaver year. Fisher Funds will claim the Government Contribution on your behalf – so you don’t need to do anything! Inland Revenue will then process the claim within 30 days of receipt. This is then paid directly into your KiwiSaver account.


Don't forget to read this bit

Terms & Conditions

If you meet the eligibility criteria but are only contributing to KiwiSaver for part of the KiwiSaver year, your Government contribution will be pro-rated. More information is available here

Fisher Funds Management Limited (“Fisher Funds”) is the issuer and TSB Bank Limited (“TSB”) distributes the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme (the “Scheme”) on behalf of Fisher Funds. A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement for the Scheme is available from TSB and Fisher Funds.

Your investments in the Scheme are subject to investment risk including possible loss of income and principal invested. Neither TSB nor any other person guarantees (either partially or fully) your investment in the Scheme (including the repayment of any capital value or the performance of those securities). An investment in the Scheme is not a deposit with TSB.