A message from AIA our Insurance Partner

AIA is here and dedicated to best support your insurance needs. Even in these uncertain times, we are working hard to ensure that as many customers as possible can access insurance. 

Please read below to find out more about our Redundancy Benefit temporary enhancement.

Temporary enhancement to AIA’s redundancy benefit in credit card repayment insurance – employees stood down without pay

AIA has temporarily enhanced its Redundancy Benefits in order to better respond to the unique employment measures being applied during the current economic downturn.

The intent of AIA’s Redundancy Benefits is to provide customers with temporary financial relief in response to a permanent, involuntary, and total loss of employment. 

In line with that intent and until further notice, AIA will now accept redundancy claims from customers  who are stood-down without pay or Government support* for a period exceeding four weeks.

Payments for Credit Card Repayment Insurance will continue to be paid in accordance with the applicable policy wordings and to meet repayment obligations.

* Government support excludes unemployment benefits through WINZ.

Redundancy benefit limitations and exclusions

A reminder that the Redundancy Benefit contains a number of key limitations and exclusions. It is important that you understand these. 

The below summarises the key limitations and exclusions:

  • You must be working for financial gain in a permanent job for at least 20 hours per week
  • Voluntary redundancies are excluded.
  • An exclusion applies where your employer is owned or controlled by you or a close relative.

How to make a claim

Please refer to your policy wording for the full details of the limitations and exclusions that apply to your policy.

Contact AIA on 0800 500 108 (or +64 9 487 9963 from overseas) or email enquireNZ@aia.com if you wish to make a claim.