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COVID-19 and your banking

  • What does COVID-19 Alert Level Two mean for TSB branches opening hours?

    We’re going to help our customers bank as close to normal as possible while we’re in COVID-19 Alert Level Two. 

    Banking continues to be essential service. However, to play our part in protecting our customers, people and wider communities at this time, both TSB and the wider industry have made some changes to normal operations. These hours have been decided so we can adequately staff our branches to carry out comprehensive contact tracing and ensure adherence to Government safety protocols, all while still maintaining a high level of customer care.

    As we move into Level Two, we are opening most branches and extending the hours to Monday-Friday.

    Please note our Opunake and Eltham branches will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. And Moturoa, Vogeltown and Fitzroy will remained closed until further notice.

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  • What measures are being put in place to keep us safe if we visit you in branch?

    Keeping our people, our customers and the wider community safe continues to be our top priority. 

    These branches will continue to be cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard and customers will need to keep a two-metre distance from each other and TSB team members, during the opening hours.

    Just like we are ensuring our people stay home if they are sick, we are also encouraging our customers to avoid visiting our branches if they are feeling unwell.

  • Will my TSB Visa Debit or Credit card allow me to carry out contactless transactions up to $200 during COVID-19?

    TSB fully supports the Payments New Zealand industry initiative to increase the contactless payment limit to $200 in response to COVID-19. However due to third party provider constraints, not all New Zealand banks are able to apply this limit increase on existing cards right away and this includes TSB.

    TSB Visa Debit and Credit cards currently held by customers will continue to have an $80 limit at this stage.

    For your existing TSB Visa Debit or Credit card, contactless transactions using your existing physical card will remain as they do today. Purchases under $80 will not require a PIN, but anything over $80 will continue to require a PIN.

    For any new or replacement cards issued from 9 April 2020, a PIN will only be required for transactions $200 or more. 

  • Why does the change not apply to my existing TSB Visa Debit or Credit card?

    When TSB first introduced contactless enabled cards, our third party card provider coded the card to ask for a PIN for all transactions above $80 for your security. 

    We didn’t anticipate an event like COVID-19 and are genuinely sorry we can’t change the cards you currently have to be eligible for the $200 limit. 

    If you would like to have the increase to $200, we’ll happily issue you a replacement card that has this limit. 

  • Can I get a new card that is eligible for the new contactless transaction threshold?

    Yes, if you’d like to request a new TSB Visa Credit or Debit card to access the new $200 contactless limit, we’d be happy to replace this for you.

    To request a new card please use the ‘Contact Us’ secure messaging function within your TSB mobile app, or fill in this website ‘Message Us’ form, stating that you wish to replace your debit/credit card to access a higher PayWave limit. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, but please do be aware we’re experiencing high demand due to COVID-19 and there may be delays.

    Once your request has been processed, your new card should be delivered within 7-10 business days. Due to Covid-19 it may take longer. Your existing card will continue to work until you activate your new card. 

  • What do I do if can’t come into a branch?

    We encourage you to make use of our online and mobile banking options first, look for the info you need on our website and perhaps send us a direct message, otherwise please call 0800 872 226

    Please be aware we are experiencing high call volumes so you may experience delays, thank you in advance for your patience.

  • What can I do if I don’t have mobile or online banking?

    If you want help setting up mobile or online banking, call us on 0800 872 226. If you can’t use these services because of disability or other reasons, please talk to us and we will see what we can do to help.

  • How do I sign up for the six month mortgage or SME payment holiday the Govt has announced?
    • If you’ve been effected by COVID-19 and are experiencing financial difficulty complete our application form to defer your mortgage repayment or switch to interest only - we’re here to help.
    • If you're a small business and have been effected by COVID-19, please complete our application form to reduce or defer your loan repayments. 
  • Are my deposits safe? Is TSB financially stable?

    TSB has capital and cash reserves that are well above the levels required of us by our regulator, the Reserve Bank. The best place to see this in detail is on the Reserve Bank’s own website where they lay out the financial strength of New Zealand banks on their financial strength dashboard.

  • Do you have special packages/arrangements in place related to COVID-19?

    If you're experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 virus, we may be able to help with our financial hardship packages.

  • What should I be doing with my Kiwisaver?

    The best way to get advice on your Kiwisaver is by contacting your personal provider. If you need more information about your Fisher Funds KiwiSaver, please visit Fisher Funds Coronavirus FAQs

  • Am I covered for insurance claims relating to COVID-19?

    If you need information about your Travel, Life, or Prime Life Insurance, you can call Cigna (the underwriter) directly on 0800 244 467

    If you need more information about:

    • Cigna COVID-19 in relation to your Travel Policy, please see Cigna's FAQs.
    • Your House, Contents or Car Insurance, please see Tower (the underwriter) for COVID – 19 updates
  • What happens if members of TSB staff get sick?

    We have plans in place to protect our staff and customers if we have cases of COVID-19 in TSB. Your safety, and that of our people is top priority, so rest assured we have worked out ways to minimise any risk. If we have to make any temporary changes to how we help you with your banking, we promise to keep you informed.

  • What does the COVID-19 situation mean for TSB?

    Our priorities remain looking after our customers and our communities, so we’re adhering to Government advice with precautions in place to protect our people and customers, as well as working on ways to help New Zealanders through this unprecedented period. Please talk to us if you have concerns about your financial situation and we will do whatever we can to help. 

  • Is TSB financially sound?

    TSB has capital and cash reserves that are well above the levels required of us by our regulator, the Reserve Bank. The best place to see this in detail is on the Reserve Bank’s own website where they lay out the financial strength of New Zealand banks on their financial strength dashboard.

  • What is TSB doing to help businesses?

    Everyone is working together on this to help New Zealanders get through in good shape. New Zealand banks, including TSB, are actively working with the Government to understand the impact of COVID-19 on access to working capital for businesses and support firms through this situation. Our advice for business customers is the same as for personal customers - talk to us sooner rather than later so we can do what we can to help. You can find more information on ways we can support our business customers here.

  • Can I have confidence in TSB during this time?

    We have worked hard to earn the trust and confidence of our customers and our communities, and you can be confident that we are working hard to look after your health and that of our communities, as well doing what we can to support your financial wellbeing. 

  • Is the COVID-19 situation different to the Global Financial Crisis?

    Yes, in three important ways.

    1. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was triggered by poor financial practices, while COVID-19 is a health issue.
    2. The banking sector was closely examined in the wake of the GFC and there was considerable regulatory change and strengthening put in place to protect the economy from the effects of any future global crisis. That means our banking sector is in a much stronger position than it was prior to the GFC. The Reserve Bank’s own financial stability report backs this up
    3. The NZ banking sector, including TSB, is working in close cooperation with the government to ensure we are all helping to support New Zealand at this time.


High call volumes

We're currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Alternatively, please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


Updated branch hours

As we move into Alert Level Two, we’re extending the opening hours of most TSB branches to a full week, starting from Thursday 14 May.


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