Tailored Loan Coverage

  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • No application fees
  • Premiums decrease with your principal owing

Loan Protection 

  • Cover up to a maximum of $70,000
  • Payment of the amount outstanding if you die
  • Monthly instalments paid if made redundant, disabled or bankrupt (some limits apply)
  • Terms and Conditions

    Sovereign Assurance Company Limited underwrites all contracts of Tailored Loan Coverage and Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited underwrites all Loan Protection cover under TSB Bank Insurance, and the contracts of insurance are between you and Sovereign or Vero. TSB Bank Ltd receives a commission from the sale of insurance policies sold on behalf of Sovereign or Vero. TSB Bank Limited does not guarantee these insurance products marketed on behalf of Sovereign or Vero and is not liable if the insurer declines to pay a claim. Any claims issues are between the insured persons and Sovereign or Vero. A full copy of the Terms and Conditions are included in the Policy Wordings.