At a glance

  • Lump sum payment
  • Cover for terminal illness
  • The option of crisis cover
  • Stepped and Level Cover premiums
  • Cover your partner and receive a 5% discount
  • Immediate cover once your application has been accepted
  • 30-day free look period
  • Hassle free renewal


How am I protected?

Term Life Insurance is designed to help you look after the people who depend on you financially by providing your estate or a nominated beneficiary with a lump sum payment when you pass away. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness up to 100% of your cover could be paid in advance to be used as you wish.

Optional Crisis Cover 

If you're under 60, Crisis Cover can protect you against the financial impact that follows major illness and trauma, not just associated medical costs. The payment could assist with everyday expenses, debt reduction or even help pay for a holiday to recover – the choice is yours.


We can help you work out the level of cover you require.

Stepped Cover - premiums adjust with age. It may suit you to pay less premiums while your mortgage repayments and family commitments may be higher.

Level Cover - premiums stay the same throughout the life of your policy.This could save you money in the long term and is great for budgeting.

To keep up with the rising cost of living, each year your cover will be automatically adjusted to meet inflation (up to a maximum of 10% each year).  After you have declined this offer three times, no more adjustments will be offered.

You will also save money on your premiums if you’re a non-smoker.



Need to make a claim?

To request a claim form or ask any questions related to a claim: 
Phone 0800 244 467

  • Terms and Conditions

    Term Life Insurance is arranged by TSB Bank Limited and is underwritten by Cigna Life Insurance NZ Limited (‘Cigna’), PO Box 24031, Wellington. A full copy of the Terms and Conditions are included in the Policy Wording which is available on request. TSB Bank Ltd receives a commission from the sale of insurance policies sold on behalf of Cigna Life Insurance NZ Ltd. All information is accurate at April 2017. TSB Bank does not guarantee or underwrite this insurance product marketed on behalf of Cigna and is not liable if the insurer declines to pay a claim.
    Full terms, conditions and exclusions are available in the Policy Wording. Cigna’s Credit Rating can be viewed here.