With a TSB Term Investment designed specifically for your funeral, you can take comfort in knowing the money you invest now will be ready for your family to use for funeral costs when the time comes.

What you can expect

  • The minimum amount you can invest in a Term Investment is $1,000, and there is no maximum amount.
  • Up to $10,000 invested is excluded from any asset testing completed when assessing eligibility for the Residential Care Subsidy*.
  • Your funds will accrue interest based on the term and interest rate you select. Accrued interest will be deposited into another TSB account of your choice.
  • Funds can only be paid out to a Funeral Director or authorised person acting on the Account Holder’s estate, upon receipt of a Death Certificate and/or funeral invoice.
  • Any surplus funds are held alongside any other estate assets.



Being prepared

The cost of a funeral can vary greatly and depends on what sort of ceremony is planned. Even the most basic funeral has a number of costs to consider, including:

  • Funeral Director
  • Casket
  • Burial or cremation fees
  • Celebrant
  • Flowers
  • Catering
  • Newspaper notices

While the minimum amount that needs to be invested in a TSB Term Investment is $1,000, many people choose to invest significantly more than this over time. Take the time to consider the type of funeral you want, and be sure to discuss your wishes with your family.

We know how important it is to have peace of mind when it comes to preparing for the future.



Getting started

If you’d like to open a term investment for your funeral, simply stop by your local branch for a chat, or give us a call and we can make the arrangements over the phone.