Life changes

Change can be challenging, refreshing or rewarding (sometimes it can be all three at once!). No matter what changes you’re going through, you can count on us to listen, understand and work with you to achieve the best outcome for you.

So join us at TSB, a real New Zealand bank that’s here for you.



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Great reasons to choose us

Our promise of putting customers first is at the heart of our philosophy, and we'll continue to provide award winning service. When you join TSB you’ll benefit from:

  • Everyday banking and savings accounts to suit your needs

  • Simple, easy to use Mobile & Online Banking services

  • Free transactions on personal everyday accounts when using any New Zealand bank-owned ATMacross the country

  • Competitive home loan rates

  • A range of Investment and Insurance options

  • Plus, we’re 100% New Zealand owned and independent, so we’ll put you first

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It’s simple to join

You can bank with us from anywhere in New Zealand. Joining is easy - all we need are a few details and then we'll be in touch to talk through the rest.

  1. Fill out this quick and simple form online.

  2. We’ll contact you to discuss what you need and get a few more details.

  3. We'll send you confirmation of your new account as well as a new card if you need one.

  4. If you’ve asked us to, we’ll contact your current bank to transfer over any automatic payments and direct debits.

  5. If you've asked us to switch your home loan too, we'll do everything for you, including moving your accounts and automatic payments from your current bank.

We'll give you a call once your accounts have been fully switched and everything's set. Then you’re ready to go!

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Our recent changes

We asked New Zealanders for feedback about us and we learnt it was time to make some changes - to be the bank they want and need us to be. It’s important we reflect not only who we are today, but where we’re going in the future.

Our promise of putting our customers first remains part of our philosophy and we’ll continue to provide award winning customer service and experiences.

We may look different, but one thing will always remain the same - our dedication to helping New Zealanders get ahead, by making banking really easy. Every time, everywhere.

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  • Don’t forget to read this bit

    1. If you choose to use an ATM not owned by a bank in New Zealand, this may incur a service fee (in addition to any standard account transaction fee) for which TSB receives a commission. 

    Take a look at our Disclosure Statement or grab a copy from your local branch. Use of our accounts and services are subject to TSB’s General Banking Information.