We're proud to offer a 10 year fixed home loan at a low rate of only 6.20% p.a. Whether you're looking to buy your first home, invest in property or simply re-finance your existing mortgage, a 10 year fixed home loan will give you the freedom and certainty to plan for the long term. 

We know many customers may want to sell their property within that timeframe, so if you do need to transfer your mortgage to a new property, the loan can be transferred too, and continue for the remaining term. If you need to borrow more, we’ll set up a new loan just for the additional amount at a new term and rate available at that time.

We've also made it easier to make additional lump sum payments against the fixed rate loan, by eliminating penalty interest for repayments of up to $10,000 or 5% of the outstanding loan balance per calendar year, whichever is the lesser.

Changing to TSB is easy. If you're switching from another bank, we'll do all the preparation for you, including moving your accounts and automatic payments from your current bank if you need us to. 


     10 year rate




  • What happens if I sell the property?
    • If you sell the property and the loan is repaid:
      You could incur Early Repayment Interest as per the Contract Terms and Lending Fee Schedule.
    • If you sell the property and buy a new property, and need to maintain borrowing:
      The loan can be transferred to the new property, and continues in the same manner for the remaining term. If you need to borrow additional money, this extra amount will be treated as a separate loan, with an interest rate and term applicable at the time.
    • If you sell the property and buy a new property for less than the value remaining on the mortgage:
      There would be a requirement for the repayment of principal from the proceeds of sale to bring the Loan to Value Ratio to within the bank's normal lending criteria. Early Repayment Interest may be applicable on the portion repaid.
  • Can I pay off the mortgage or refinance before the term ends?

    Yes, however depending on how far through the fixed rate term you repay or refinance the loan, Early Repayment Interest may be payable as set out in our Lending Fee Schedule – Fixed Loan Prepayment.

  • Can I make lump sum payments and will I get charged for it?

    Yes, lump sum principal payments are available, however, there are limits on how much can be repaid each year. You can make additional lump sum payments on your home loan as long as they do not exceed 5% of your outstanding loan balance or $10,000 (whichever is the lesser) in a calendar year.

  • If the interest rates drop, can I refinance to a different rate?

    Yes, but you may be charged Early Repayment Interest as per the Lending Fee Schedule – Fixed Loan Prepayment Interest.

  • If I'm currently with another bank & my term is fixed, can I get this rate when it comes off?

    If the offer is still available at that time, yes. 

  • What will it cost me to change banks & take out this rate?

    You'll need to check with your current bank and with your lawyer as to their costs. If you're breaking an existing fixed rate term with your current bank, they may charge you an Early Repayment Interest penalty. 

  • Can I get a 10 year fixed home loan if I have less than a 20% deposit?

    Normal bank lending criteria will apply. An interest rate margin is added to the rate where deposits are less than 20%, however, individual cases will be addressed. 

  • If I already have a mortgage with you & looking at refinancing/refixing, can I get this rate?

    Of course.

  • Terms and Conditions

    TSB Ltd's current lending criteria, interest rates and fees apply. Available to new lending for land purchase, building, purchase of dwelling or the refinancing from another bank for owner occupied and investment residential properties, and for refinancing, rollovers and further advances to existing TSB table and instalment loans (excludes revolving credit increases.)

    Minimum 10 year fixed rate loan value of $250,000 and a maximum of $2m applies to new lending. Loan to Value restrictions apply. A fixed rate repayment fee may apply on fixed rate loans. Interest rates associated with this offer may change at any time without notification. Loan must be drawn down within 60 days of contracting by the bank. This loan offer is unavailable for bridging loans or whereby the borrower has had any loan arrears in excess of 30 days over the past 12 months. 

    Maximum fixed rate term is 10 years, with an interest only period not exceeding five years. Maximum loan term is 30 years (subject to bank lending criteria and suitability). Loan is portable in the event of change of property.