TSB Monthly Car Draw

TSB’s Connect Plus account gives you the chance to win a new car every month! Open a Connect Plus account and you could find yourself the owner of a brand new Ford Mustang GT Fastback worth $80,990. Nothing offers the unique combination of classic style, Hollywood stardom, and old-school V8 performance than the Ford Mustang, with a heritage few other cars can match. With performance at the heart of every Mustang ever built, the advanced driver assist technology is taking driving to a whole new level of sophistication. Plus, the blend of a quick and responsive downshift, legendary power, open-throttle acceleration, and awe inspiring control, like everything else in this Mustang, is absolutely beautiful.

For every $100 in your Connect Plus1 or Saver Plus1 account at the time of the draw, you’ll have five chances to win. While you won't earn any interest on these personal TSB everyday accounts, you'll enjoy no transaction fees, even when using any bank ATM2 in New Zealand. 

Minimum opening deposit of $350 (or less if you’re an existing TSB customer or have your salary directed) may apply.

  • Terms and Conditions:

    1. Standard account opening criteria and service fees apply. Saver Plus accounts can no longer be opened. Existing Saver Plus accounts are still eligible in TSB’s Monthly Car Draw.
    2. Use of ATMs not owned by any New Zealand bank may incur a service fee (in addition to any standard account transaction fee) for which TSB receives a commission.

    The prize draw will take place on the last business day of each month. August prize car: Ford Mustang GT Fastback in Ingot Silver. For full details about this month’s prize car, a Disclosure Statement and full details of these non-interest bearing accounts, see TSB Bank Ltd.

    TSB Prize Draw Promotion Terms and Conditions


    1. From time to time, TSB may make available prize draw promotions in respect of some or all of its products and services.
    2. Winners must agree to publicity in a manner determined by TSB. Should they not agree to such publicity, their prize will be forfeited.
    3. TSB’s decision on all matters relating to prize draws shall be final and binding. 
    4. For each prize draw promotion, TSB will specify the amount of the cash prize, or the non-cash prize.
    5. TSB reserves the right to suspend a prize draw promotion, amend the prize draw promotion conditions (including setting a period for the promotion) or withdraw a prize draw promotion completely at any time.

    Monthly Cash and Car draw

    • Currently, TSB customers could be in to win the TSB Monthly Car Draw promotion and/or the TSB Monthly Cash Draw promotion.
    • Entry into the TSB prize draw promotions:
      • TSB Monthly Car Draw: Each complete $100 in a Connect Plus and Saver Plus account at the time of each draw entitles the account holder to five entries in the TSB Monthly Car Draw, and
    • TSB Monthly Cash Draw:
      • Each complete $1,000 in a Premier or WebSaver account at the time of each draw entitles the account holder to one entry in the TSB Monthly Cash Draw, and
      • TSB may, from time to time, give other users of TSB products and services chances to win in the TSB Monthly Cash Draw. Details of requirements for entry for these other Bank products and services will be advertised when relevant.
    • The prize draws takes place on the last business day of each month.
    • Prize draws available for personal customers only. Trusts, Limited Companies and sole traders using a Premier, WebSaver, Connect Plus or Saver Plus account are ineligible for entry into prize draws.
    • The following are ineligible for entry into prize draws or to receive prizes associated with the prize draws:
      • Employees and contractors, including real estate agents, of TSB and their spouses and partners
      • Employees and contractors of group entities, including TSB Community Trust
      • Directors of TSB and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses
      • TSB executives and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses
      • Directors of group entities, including Trustees of TSB Community Trust and Directors of Fisher Funds and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses
    • Monthly Car draw prize cannot be redeemed for cash
    • Where the winner of the prize is under 16:
      •  the ‘Conditions of Acceptance’ must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian, and
      • in the case of the Monthly Car draw the winner and the co-signing parent or guardian must agree for the parent/guardian to take legal ownership of the car on behalf of the winner.
    • TSB will make reasonable endeavours to contact the winner(s) of the prize draws. If the winning account holder(s) cannot be contacted by TSB within 30 days of the prize draw, their prize will be forfeited.