TSB Monthly Cash Draw

You could be in to win $25,000 each month. Every $1,000 in your Premier or WebSaver account at the time of each draw automatically gives you one chance to win. Conditions apply.

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  • Terms and conditions

    1. From time to time, TSB may make available prize draw promotions in respect of some or all of its products and services.
    2. Currently, TSB customers could be in to win in the TSB Monthly Car Draw promotion and/or the TSB Monthly Cash.
    3. For each prize draw promotion, TSB will specify the amount of the cash prize.
    4. TSB reserves the right to suspend a prize draw promotion, amend the prize draw promotion conditions (including setting a period for the promotion) or withdraw a prize draw promotion completely at any time.
    5. Entry into the TSB prize draw promotions:
      (a) TSB Monthly Cash Draw:
           • Each complete $1,000 in a Premier or WebSaver account at the time of each draw entitles the account holder to one entry in the TSB Monthly Cash Draw, and
           • TSB may, from time to time, give other users of TSB  products and services chances to win in the TSB Monthly Cash Draw. Details of requirements for entry for these other Bank products and services will be advertised when relevant.
    6. The prize draws will take place on the last business day of each month during the period of the promotions.
    7. TSB will make reasonable endeavours to contact the winner(s) of the prize draws. If the winning account holder(s) cannot be contacted by TSB within 30 days of the prize draw, their prize will be forfeited.
    8. Winners must agree to publicity in a manner determined by TSB. Should they not agree to such publicity, their prize will be
    9. The following are ineligible for entry into the prize draws or to receive prizes associated with the prize draw: all TSB employees and contractors including Realty agents and Trustees and employees of TSB Community Trust, Directors of TSB, Fisher Funds executive, spouses, partners and children of the above including children of partners or spouses, parents of TSB management , auditors and employees of auditors appointed to oversee the prize draws, Directors, Principals and employees of any company providing prizes for any TSB promotion.

    10. TSB will only accept instructions from those persons notified to TSB as authorised to act as signatories on the relevant account.
    11. Where the winner of the prize is under 16:
        a) the ‘Conditions of Acceptance for the TSB Monthly Car Draw’ must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian, and
        b) where the prize is a car, the winner and the co-signing parent or guardian must agree for the parent/guardian to take legal ownership of the car on behalf of the winner.
    12. Prizes (other than cash) cannot be redeemed for cash.
    13. TSB’s decisions on all matters relating to the prize draw promotions shall be final and binding.