We've recently completed a review of our fees and as a result, have decided to refund certain customers in whole or in part, some of the fees they were previously charged. Any existing or former customers receiving a refund of $5 or more will be proactively contacted by us via email, letter or phone call, with all the information they need to know. If you’re an existing customer and your refund is less than $5, we will pay this directly into your account with the description ‘TSB fee refund’. 

If you've received an email, letter or phone call from us and have been asked to provide details to receive your refund, please visit our TSB Refund hub. Please note: Once you have logged in, click on the date in the line underneath ‘Action required’, to provide the details we need to process your refund.

If you no longer bank with us and were to receive a refund of less than $5, we will be donating this to our chosen charity, KidsCan Charitable Trust. This decision was made considering our customers’ needs and environmental impact. If you believe you're owed a refund of this amount and want to claim it, please message us

For more information, please read the below FAQs.