Protecting your information

It’s important your money and personal information is kept secure. That’s why we do everything we can to provide you with better banking security. It’s also essential you know how to protect yourself so here are some helpful tips to avoid fraudulent activity.

  • Customer security is a major priority for TSB
  • We have a range of security measures to help protect your personal information
  • If we suspect fraudulent activity, we will contact you immediately
  • Please note, we will never ask you for your login details, PIN or password


How to protect yourself

Fraud can come in many forms but there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • Keep your contact details up to date so we can let you know if we notice any suspicious transactions on your accounts

  • Don’t volunteer personal information that isn’t necessary

  • Destroy your personal information, don’t just throw it away – opportunistic criminals have no qualms about going through your rubbish

  • If you’ve lost your card, think it may have been stolen or think someone may have discovered your PIN, report it immediately

  • Never give your card details to someone over the phone unless you initiated the call and you know the company is reputable

  • Don’t disclose your card PIN to anyone – that includes family members, police or bank staff

  • Never send money overseas to people you don’t know

  • Keep your home computer virus protection software up to date

  • Be aware that "free trials" can lead to subscriptions

  • Check your account, be mindful of unfamiliar transactions, even if they're smaller amounts

Found something suspicious?

Contact your card provider to query the transaction.




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