Our new banking experience

Our new Business Banking service is here.  

We’re launching a brand-new modern banking experience packed with features you already use and many you’ve been asking for!  

Enjoy new features like simple password resets, new alert options, streamlined approvals, simplified SMS/text authentication options, handy transaction searches and one login to access business and personal accounts.

If you’ve been invited to join Business Banking, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Register

Before you can use Business Banking, you need to register. It's simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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Have a look at the following how-to guides.

Step 2: Login

If you are already registered, you’ll need to login before you move to step 3. 

Need help?

Have a look at the following how-to guides.

Step 3: Check your details

Once you've logged in check the following details.              

Check your payees

These are available as soon as you login. Find out how to manage your payees here:

Batch Templates

Your batch templates will be moved on the date we've shared with you. We recommend double-checking your batch templates when they’ve been moved. 


You will need to complete the set-up of your users by assigning them permissions.

If you haven’t been invited yet, we’ll be in touch soon with your invitation. Until then you can check out the how-to guides and some of our common questions below.

How-to guides

For more details on our features check out these how-to guides

FAQs about Business Banking

Signing up and logging in

My Accounts


Group Payments

Multi to Sign Accounts

Multi-factor Authentication


Security Tips

It’s important your money and personal information is kept secure. That’s why we do everything we can to provide you with better banking security. It’s also essential you know how to protect yourself so here are some helpful tips to avoid fraudulent activity. 

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Our team are available seven days a week to help with your questions.