We’ve made some changes to our General Banking Information.

Our General Banking Information sets out the rules under which we provide banking products and services to you as a customer. They explain your rights and responsibilities, and ours.

What’s changed?

From 1 October 2018, changes to the General Banking Information take effect. Outlined below are the changes and what they mean for you. Please take the time to read through and understand how these changes might affect you. 

By continuing to use our accounts and services, you agree to these changes.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Direct debit authorities
    We’ve added the terms and conditions of our direct debit authorities to the payment authorities section, so they’re easier to find.

Account and Service fees

  • We’ve changed some of our banking fees to better reflect the actual costs associated with our products and services. In some instances, we’ve been able to decrease or remove fees by improving our systems and processes. In other instances, we’ve had to realign or increase our fees to cover our underlying costs. More about our fee changes.
  • Special answer cessation
    We’ve removed the special answer fee as we no longer offer the special answer service for cheques. Most other banks also no longer offer this service, so we have limited respondent banks to work with. If you need to access your funds quicker, you could request to receive all payments electronically so the funds are deposited directly into your account.