We’re making changes to our Lending fees and Visa Classic Credit Card fees

What’s changing?

From 26 March 2021, we’re removing five of our Lending fees for both retail (residential) and non-retail (Commercial, Business and AgriBusiness) lending, as well as removing our Visa Classic Credit Card inactivity fee.

Outlined below are the lending and credit card fees which are being removed.

Lending fees we’re removing:

  • Holding fee
  • Payment deferral request fee
  • Loan cancellation fee
  • Property law act notice fee
  • Mortgagee sale proceedings

A description of what these fees are can be found in our current list of ‘Lending fees - Retail’ and ‘Lending fees - non retail’.

Visa Classic Credit Card fee we’re removing:

  • Inactivity fee

This fee is only charged to accounts that are not charged a semi-annual credit card fee, and is charged after three months of no credit card activity.



Updated copies of our Lending fees for retail (residential) and non-retail (Commercial, Business and AgriBusiness), as well as our updated Visa Classic General Information booklet will be available in-branch and on our website from 26 March 2021.

If you’d like to know more about the removal of these fees and how they may affect you, please ask one of our friendly team members.