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What could your repayments be?

If you have a specific loan amount or loan term in mind, you can type this into the calculator.

Interested in interest rates?

Fixed – your interest rate won’t change or be affected by the market

With a fixed rate, your interest is fixed from the start and stays the same for the term you choose - for example from 6 months to 5 years. This option may make budgeting easier, because your repayments will stay the same over the fixed rate term you've chosen. If you're looking to take out new lending with us, we can hold a fixed rate for you up to 60 days from the date of your home loan summary.

If you're repaying or breaking your fixed rate home loan early, an Early Repayment Fee may apply. See Early Repayment Fee for when this fee may be payable.

Floating/Variable – your interest rate will move with the market

A floating/variable interest rate moves with the market. If the variable interest rate increases, we may change the amount of your required payments to ensure your home loan will be repaid within its original term. If interest rates decrease, we won't reduce your payments to reflect the new lower rate unless you ask us to.

Combine Fixed and Floating/Variable for the best of both worlds

Want the certainty of a fixed rate with the flexibility of a floating/variable rate? Talk to us about a combination of both. You can decide what portion of your loan is fixed and floating/variable, allowing you the flexibility to reach your goals faster.

Revolving – your interest rate will move with the market

A revolving rate only applies to revolving loans and moves up and down with the current market. You can minimise interest costs by using your income and/or savings to lower your loan balance and make lump sum payments to your home loan without any penalties. Learn more about revolving loans

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General Lending Terms and Conditions: 

  • TSB may approve residential loans with less than a 20% deposit subject to bank funding requirements. 
  • An early repayment fee may apply on fixed rate loans. 
  • All interest rates are subject to change. 
  • Lending criteria, terms and conditions, and fees apply.  
  • When you bank with TSB you agree to our General Terms.