Solicitors Documents

Effective from Tuesday 3 November 2020, TSB are involved in automated security information improvements with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). When registering a mortgage with LINZ, you will be required to enter the reference "TSB Bank Limited" which enables LINZ to send TSB an automated confirmation of the registration as well as the relevant documents. We have updated our instructions with these details, however if you received your TSB instructions prior to 3 November, this information will not be included.

You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms.

For any query or request relating to the Banks lending security (e.g. Consents to Subdivisions, registrations etc.), please email

We've recently updated this page to include new specialist documents for TSB Agri, Business and Commercial lending. To make it easy to access the correct lending documents, please refer to the relevant sections below.

TSB Retail Lending Documentation

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