Pick the home loan that’s right for you

Want to make the same repayment amount for the term of your home loan?

With each repayment you make, the proportion of principal paid back gradually increases as the interest paid back decreases, but your repayments stay the same. Note that if you’re on a variable interest rate instead of a fixed interest rate, your interest payment will change with the market.

Interested in Revolving Credit?

It works a little like a large overdraft. You’re free to make repayments whenever you like, and you can withdraw money up to your credit limit when you need to. Revolving credit loans are only offered on variable interest rates.

Things you need to know
  • If you’re unable to make your regular payments and are facing unforeseen hardship, there are options available to assist you through difficult times.
  • Let us know straight away if you move.
  • If you break a fixed rate term early, or pay more than $10,000 per calendar year, you may need to pay break costs. Learn more

Choose how you make repayments

How frequently do you want to make repayments?

Align your repayments to suit your lifestyle. With most loans you can choose between repayments of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly repayments1.

Want to pay your loan off faster?

If you’re in the position to, choose to automatically increase the amount of principal you pay off each year. This way you’ll pay less interest on term of your loan.

Need bridging finance?

If you’re looking to sell your current home and buy or build a new one, bridging finance can help take the pressure off selling in a hurry. You’ll be set up with a separate loan, that’s usually on an interest-only basis. Your current property will be used as security, and the loan will be repaid when your property sells. Interest rates are 1% p.a. above our standard home loan rates.