Protecting your TSB Eftpos, debit and credit cards

  • When you receive your card, sign the signature panel on the back straight away.
  • Never let anyone else use your card.
  • Keep your card in a safe place - don't allow it to be bent or scratched and keep away from magnetic objects eg. purse clasps, work security passes.
  • When your cards expire, always destroy them by cutting them in half through the magnetic strip.
  • Carefully discard receipts from card transactions and ATMs once you have checked these against your account statement. This will help prevent others acquiring information about you and your cards.
  • Make sure you get your card back every time you use it.

Ways to reduce card fraud

  • Regularly check your account balance. If you suspect there are fraudulent transactions on your account, call us immediately.
  • At work, keep your bag and other personal belongings locked in a cupboard or drawer.
  • Only give your debit or credit card details when making a purchase - do not provide them for any other reason.
  • Don't give your card number or PIN number over the telephone to 'cold' callers. Only make the telephone transaction when you have initiated the call and you are familiar with the company.
  • Never send your debit or credit card number via e-mail. If you have access to a facsimile machine, send a fax order with your debit or credit card number included, this method is more secure than email.
  • When you are planning a holiday make sure you have the emergency 24 hour telephone numbers for your cards with you, so you can report any theft or loss immediately.
  • When you're overseas, always keep an eye on your TSB Visa Debit or Visa Classic card. Don't let your card out of your sight, and never leave cards unattended in a hotel room, at the beach or in a parked car.