New Zealanders to choose worthy
TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice winner

TSB is calling on Kiwis to choose the idea most worthy of a TSB Good Stuff grant of up to $30,000 in its People’s Choice competition.

TSB has received thousands of applications from Kiwis vying for a slice of a $200,000 kickstarter fund, to bring to life their ideas which solve problems and generate good for the future of our communities.

Judging is now underway, but before the final recipients can be chosen, TSB needs New Zealander’s to vote for the TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice Award winner.

TSB CEO Donna Cooper says it’s time to check out the nine TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice Award nominees and vote for the idea people think will generate the most positive outcomes for New Zealand.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with applications from right across the country with incredible ideas aimed at doing good in our communities.

“Our nine TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice finalists’ ideas range from supporting refugees into work, to providing safe hand sanitising, helping small businesses find the support they need and making mental health support more accessible. 

“There’s also an app to help with emergency service triaging, a programme to support learning coding at school, a charity auction website, plastic recycling initiative and a medical services marketplace.

“It makes you proud to learn about these fantastic ideas that have all been developed to benefit New Zealanders. TSB is thrilled to be able to give one of these ideas a kickstart, particularly as we go through the challenges of life during and after COVID-19,” says Ms Cooper.

“We know Kiwis love to get behind a good cause, and there’s no shortage of those in our TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice competition, but we need your help to choose the most deserving. So check out the applicants 60 second video pitches on and get voting!”

People can view all the TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice award finalists’ ideas and vote for their favourite at Voting closes 12pm Friday 10 July. The full list of TSB Good Stuff grant winners will be announced early August.


TSB Good Stuff People’s Choice Awards finalists:

TSB GoodStuff Finalists


  1. Ana Djokovic – The Bread Collective (Auckland)
    NZ accepts around 1,000 refugees per year. A key barrier they face is finding employment. The Bread Collective will ultimately provide a safe space for learning and development, to support integration into a new society – from support for mental wellbeing and on the job English lessons to teaching the art of artisan baking and producing skilled bakers to help fill the gap in the market.

  2. Benji Pritchard – Techne (Manawatu)
    Bringing a digital curriculum to schools – an online platform that caters to the NZ schooling system, teaching students programming skills to set them up for the technological world of the future.
  3. Daniel Tolmie – Recycling plastic (Auckland)
    Plastic in our environment is a huge problem and we believe we can be part of it. The model is simple – plastic is collected, cleaned, sorted and shredded accordingly, then using injection moulding machines, the plastic is moulded into products that can serve a long-term purpose and be recycled again in years to come.
  4. Dean Brown – Triage plus (Canterbury)
    An app focused on first responders – providing all the information in one place for all services and agencies who need to know, to ensure that everyone can prepare and do the best for patients. 
  5. Denym Bird – The Right tools (Auckland)
    An online marketplace – filled with all of the worlds (and NZs) favourite apps, where any Kiwi business, be it a café, an electrician or an online retailer, can quickly find which apps they can use to help them power their business, and enable their success.
  6. Jess Harnett – Mindfit (Bay of Plenty)
    A platform that connects together all wellbeing services available to New Zealanders and makes them easier to find – helping to provide all the information to help with early intervention for mental health.
  7. Nic Antoniadis – Handi (Auckland)
    A hands-free hand sanitiser hygiene station – playing a crucial role in safeguarding public health and safety. Caters for large public events without requiring refilling or servicing regularly, helping to reduce the current plastic refills used.
  8. Rachel Adams – Live Happy (Waikato)
    A medical marketplace – making it easier to find book and pay for medical services.
  9. Stephen Moon – Chooza (Auckland)
    A charity auction website where individuals and businesses can sell goods and services, with the proceeds of the transaction going to the charity of choice of either the seller or buyer.


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