At a glance

  • Use your card for all sorts of payments, all over the world1
  • Access to cash at any time (a cash advance fee applies)
  • Monthly statements to keep your payments on track, including minimum payment requirements

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How to use Visa payWave

Need to make a quick payment? Anything under $80 won’t require a PIN when you use Visa payWave - you can just wave and go. If you do spend over $80 simply enter your PIN as you normally would.


How it works
  • Look for the Visa payWave symbol in participating stores

  • Check the amount displayed on the terminal is correct & wave your card in front of the terminal. If a PIN is required, you’ll be prompted to enter that

  • Listen for the terminal to beep and give the green light, then check your transaction has been approved

  • And that’s it, your transaction is complete

A friendly reminder: If you’ve got other contactless cards, take care not to hold your wallet next to the terminal when paying.

Got a question?

Check out our Visa payWave Frequently Asked Questions

Lost / Stolen cards
If your card is lost or stolen within New Zealand, please let us know straight away. Outside normal business hours, please phone 0800 406 406.
Overseas? Please phone 0064 06 968 3700 or visit Visa Global Customer Assistance.

Credit Card Insurance

Want peace of mind around your ability to make re-payments? Credit Card Insurance can help with your credit card repayments if you suffer an accident, illness or death, or if you’re made redundant or bankrupt.

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Getting Started

With us already?

If you’ve got a TSB account and use Online Banking, you can apply online. Simply log in, click ‘apply’ from the dashboard and select ‘credit card’. If you don’t have Online Banking, download and fill out the application form, then send it to


Not with us, but want a credit card?

You’ll need a TSB account to be approved for a Visa Classic Credit card. Send us a message, call 0800 872 226 or stop by your local branch to find out more.