Need help with your debit or credit card? Find out how to dispute a transaction, temporarily block your card and what to do if your card is lost or stolen.

Help with your card

How to dispute a transaction

If you find a transaction on your account that you don’t believe you made, you can dispute it - you have up to 60 days from the transaction date to submit your dispute. You must dispute any domestic EFTPOS and domestic ATM transactions with the relevant merchant.

How to temporarily block your card

If you have misplaced your Mastercard, you can temporarily block it to stop transactions from being made. Block or unblock your card using Card Manager in online banking or your TSB app. You can also call us on 0800 406 406 or +64 6 968 3700 (international). 

What to do with a lost or stolen card

If your Mastercard is lost or stolen, please let us know by cancelling your card using Card Manager in your TSB app or online banking. You’ll be able to order a new one at the same time. You can also call us from within NZ on 0800 406 406.  

Overseas? Phone +64 6 968 3700.  If you cannot contact us: Mastercard cardholders should contact your local Mastercard Global Emergency Services and VISA cardholders should contact Visa Global Customer Assistance.

Need more help with your card?

Check out our easy how-to guides to learn more about how you can use your cards. It’s just another way for us to make banking easier.