Going on holiday?

Get your foreign currency sorted before you set foot on the plane. Choose from cash, traveller cheques or a multi-currency passport before you go, making travel money one less thing to think about when you pack.

Foreign Currency at a glance


  • Choose from more than 28 currencies 
  • Sort your money before you travel overseas
  • Cash on-hand for purchases overseas
  • Change your notes back into NZ dollars or deposit them directly into your everyday account when you get back


Travellers Cheques

  • Accepted for exchange at thousands of banks and foreign exchange locations worldwide
  • Replaceable if lost or stolen

You might need to show us your passport, Drivers Licence, or bank card with your name embossed on it, for identification purposes. If you’re not with us, and aren’t paying by Eftpos, you won’t be able to buy or sell more than NZD $1,000.

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Multi-Currency Cash Passport at a glance

  • Easy way to access multiple currencies
  • PIN protected for safety
  • Choose from 9 different currencies 

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Travel Insurance

Travelling comes with surprises, so we’ve got you covered. If you’re a 23-84 year old New Zealander and want travel insurance, you can apply with us and get cover for almost anywhere in the world.

If something unexpected comes up like a lost passport, flight delay or medical accident we’ll be there to give you assistance 24/7. And you’ll get up to 30% off when you apply online.

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Using your Eftpos card in Australia

If you’re travelling to Australia, you can access your money using your Eftpos card at any CommonWealth Bank ATM.    

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Foreign currencies available

Country Code Currency
Australia AUD Dollar
Canada CAD Dollar
Central Pacific XPF Franc
China CNY Yuan Renminbi
Denmark DKK Kroner
Egypt EGP Pound
European Union EUR Euro
Fiji FJD Dollar
Hong Kong HKD Dollar
Hungary HUF Forint
Indonesia IDF Rupiah
Japan JPY Yen
Malaysia MYR Ringgit
Norway NOK Kroner
Paupa New Guinea PGK Kina
Philippines PHP Piso
Samoa WST Tala
Singapore SGD Dollar
South Africa ZAR Rand
Sweden SEK Krona
Switzerland CHF Franc
Taiwan TWD Dollar
Thailand THB Baht
Tonga TOP Pa’anga
United Arab Emirates AED Dirham
United Kingdom GBP Pound
United States USD Dollar
Vanuatu VUV Vatu
Vietnam VND Dong

International payments & Foreign Currency accounts

Need to transfer funds overseas?    

You can choose from a range of transfer options that suit your needs.


At a glance

  • Bank drafts
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Cash on-hand for purchases overseas

If you’re looking at these options you must be a TSB customer. You’ll also need to show us your passport, Drivers Licence, or bank card with your name on it for identification purposes.
You can also complete an Outward Telegraphic Transfer form electronically, print, sign it and then email to your branch.    

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Managing your Foreign Currency

Depositing and withdrawing funds is simple, with a range of currencies to choose from.

Note: A Foreign Currency account isn’t suitable for accessing cash while you travel or save for your holiday. See options above for ways to carry and access your holiday money


  • Don’t forget to read this bit

    We don’t hold all currencies, all the time, we may need to order some for you.

    Foreign Exchange services may be limited to existing customers at some of our smaller branches. 

    Some transactions may not be available to non-TSB customers.  Contact us to see if our Foreign Exchange service is listed as available at your nearest branch.