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Additional Payments
Make voluntary additional payments onto your home loan.


Automatically increase your repayments by a small amount each year.




Additional Payments

Make extra payments, penalty-free, up to $10,000 per calendar year

  • You can put that work bonus, unexpected windfall or spare $10 towards your home loan, with no early repayment fees (as long as you’re under the $10,000 limit)
  • You have the flexibility to make additional payments at any time, however often you like, and any amount you like, up to a total of $10,000 per calendar year
  • There’s no paperwork involved – it’s as easy as transferring money from one account to another in Online Banking. Alternatively, you can pop into your closest branch or give us a call and we’ll transfer it for you.
  • Additional payments can be made on any home loan, whether you’ve chosen fixed or floating1
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Change Payment

Amend your scheduled payment amount, penalty-free, to pay more off your home loan

  • You can change your payment amount up to three times within a fixed term period, penalty-free to a maximum of $1000 per calendar month
  • You have the option to revert back to either the minimum scheduled payment amount, or a decreased amount that suits you, at any time, allowing for flexibility when life changes
  • Change Payment is available for all home loans, whether you’ve chosen fixed or floating
  • Even a small change, like rounding up to the nearest whole dollar amount, can help you build equity and pay off your home loan sooner
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Automatically increase your scheduled payments by a small amount each year

  • Save on interest and pay off your home loan sooner by setting a dollar amount that your loan payments will increase by annually
  • You can StepUp your repayments to fit with your lifestyle, from as little as $1 to as much as $1,000 per calendar month - whatever works best for you
  • Just set and forget - each year on the anniversary of your loan draw down, your home loan payments will automatically increase by the dollar amount you’ve chosen
  • You can easily increase, decrease or cancel your StepUp amount, giving you freedom to budget around those life changes
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To find out how much you can afford to StepUp your payments, and how much you could save, get in touch and we'll take you through our handy calculator. Then if you're keen, we'll take care of the rest and get you all set up.