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Additional Payments
Make voluntary additional payments onto your home loan.




Additional Payments

Make extra payments, penalty-free, up to $10,000 per calendar year

  • You can make additional payments at any time, however often you like, and any amount you like, with no early repayment fees, up to a total of $10,000 per calendar year
  • There’s no paperwork involved – it’s as easy as transferring money from one account to another in Online Banking. Alternatively, you can pop into your closest branch or give us a call and we’ll transfer it for you.
  • Additional payments can be made on any home loan, whether you’ve chosen fixed or floating1



Change Payment

Amend your scheduled payment amount, penalty-free, up to three times within a fixed term

  • You can change your payment amount up to three times within a fixed term period, penalty-free to a maximum of $1000 per calendar month
  • You have the option to revert back to either the minimum scheduled payment amount, or a decreased amount that suits you, at any time
  • Change Payment is available for all home loans, whether you’ve chosen fixed or floating
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