Fees and Limits

Debit Mastercard fees

Type Amount
Type Debit Mastercard Annual Fee Amount Free
Type Card replacement fee Amount $15 per card
Type Foreign currency conversion fee Amount 1.90% of the NZD value of transaction
Type Cash Advance fee at an ATM* Amount Free
Type Courier fee - domestic Amount $4
Type Courier - overseas Amount Contact us on 0800 872 226 for a quote. The amount will be charged at the time your card is ordered

*Other banks and institutions may charge a fee to use their ATMs, we may receive a commission in relation to such transactions.

Fee Descriptions

Debit Mastercard daily limits
Type Amount
Type Cash advances at an ATM** Amount NZD $2,000 per day
Type Cash advances across the counter Amount NZD $2,000 per day
Type Purchases Amount NZD $12,000 per day

Daily limits are based on 24-hour periods of New Zealand time.

** If the bank or institution operating the ATM applies a maximum daily limit which is less than our limits, that limit will apply instead.


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