Term Investments

Updated 6 November 2020 - Interest rates may change at any time. Minimum deposit is $1,000 and the maximum is $5 million (retail only). Interest is paid every six months (or at the end of your term, if the term is less than six months) and you can nominate the account interest is paid to. If the term is expressed in months, the interest will be calculated on a monthly basis. If you choose to break your investment early, interest will be paid at a reduced rate.

Term $5,000 to $9,999 (% p.a.) $10,000 + (% p.a.)
30 Days 0.05 0.15
60 Days 0.10 0.25
90 Days 0.30 0.40
4 Months 0.45 0.55
5 Months 0.50 0.60
6 Months 0.80 0.90
9 Months 0.80 0.90
12 Months 0.80 0.90
18 Months 0.80 0.90
2 Years 0.80 0.90
3 Years 0.90 1.00
4 Years 0.90 1.00
5 Years 0.90 1.00
TSB term investment 12 month special


Looking for a special offer?

Keep an eye out as sometimes we offer a special rate. You’ll need a minimum deposit of $10,000 to take advantage of this.

Compounding interest

You can choose to compound your interest, and reinvest it into your Term Investment account. If you want to know more about compounding rates please contact us

Want to invest over $1 million?

If you’re looking to invest over $1 million, please contact us for a specific rate.

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Need some peace of mind?

With a Term Investment designed specifically for your funeral, you can take comfort in knowing your money is there for your family to use when the time comes.

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