Keeping our customers, communities, and New Zealand safe

New Zealand is part of a world-wide commitment to ensure criminals can’t use banks, and other financial and legal institutions, to finance crime. As part of this commitment, we're required by the New Zealand Government to verify your identity before you join us. We do this in three steps:

Are you a company or a trust?

Find out more about your identification requirements here.

Verify your identity

As an individual customer

If you've got a smart phone, you can verify your identity and address in minutes from anywhere. You'll need your current NZ driver licence or passport and a smartphone. See how it works. 

Alternatively, you can choose from one of the below options to verify your identity in person. You must provide certified copies to us, or you can bring originals into your nearest branch to be copied and verified.

 Please make sure your photo ID is current (not expired).


Option one

Primary ID
  • Passport (signed)
  • NZ certificate of identity
  • National identity card
  • NZ emergency travel document
  • NZ firearms licence
  • NZ refugee travel document
Secondary ID

No additional ID required.

Option two

Primary ID
  • NZ driver licence
Secondary ID

You'll also need to provide one of the following:

  • Bank statement with your name issued by another registered NZ bank within the last 12 months (not TSB).
  • Statement from a NZ Government agency (IRD or Work and Income NZ) with your name issued in the last 12 months (excludes appointment letters).
  • Credit card, Debit card, or Eftpos card with your name and signature from a NZ registered bank (not TSB).
  • NZ Government issued card with your name and signature.

Option three

Primary ID
  • NZ full birth certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship issued by NZ or a foreign government
  • Overseas birth certificate
Secondary ID

You'll also need to provide one of the following: 

  • NZ driver licence
  • NZ Defence Force photo ID
  • NZ Police photo ID
  • 18+ card/ Kiwi access
  • NZ student photo ID with expiry date
  • NZ Super Gold card with photo
  • Total mobility card with photo
  • Valid international drivers permit (with photo and English translation)

Proof of address

Choose from one of the below options for your proof of address:

  • Bank statement or letter issued from another NZ bank (not TSB).
  • Signed letter or statement from a NZ KiwiSaver provider.
  • A signed letter from a NZ Government agency (IRD or Work and Income NZ) with name and address (excludes appointment letters).
  • Current utility bill, i.e. power, gas, fixed phone line, internet (if you get your bills online you can forward the statement to TSB by email).
  • Home, contents or car insurance policy, renewal or reminder letter.
  • Current tenancy agreement or sale and purchase agreement signed by all parties. 
  • Rates or water notice on property from a local authority.
  • Signed letter from a NZ educational institute, on letterhead.
  • Mobile phone bill (excludes prepaid).
  • Vehicle registration letter. 
  • Electoral Commission letter.


These documents must:

  • Be no more than 6 months old.
  • Show your current residential address.
  • Be in the same name as your photo ID.

Please note: 

  • Any statements submitted need to be the full statement, not just the first page. 

Other information

We may ask you to provide additional information, such as confirmation of your income and financial information or tax information. We'll let you know if anything additional is required. 

Documents in a Foreign Language 

Documents in a language other than English must be translated into English. A translation must be performed by a person with a minimum accreditation level of professional translator and certified by that person. 

How to certify your documents

All identity documents need to be the originals or certified copies by a trusted referee. You can visit a TSB branch to share your documents with a TSB employee or take a copy in person to a trusted referee to be certified, such as a chartered accountant, justice of the peace, lawyer, registered medical doctor, or registered teacher.

The certifier must see the original document so they can say it is a true and correct copy of the original, and if it has a photo that it is a true likeness to you.

In order for TSB to accept the certified document, the certifier must: 

  • Not live at the same address, be the partner or spouse of, or be related to the person named in the document being certified. 
  • Be over 16 years of age.
  • Not be involved in the transaction or business requiring the certification.

Certification must also include the name of the person certifying, signature, date of certification (dated within 3 months) and capacity to act as a certifier.

How to return these documents

If you are unable to visit one of our branches with the original documents, you can send the certified copies via email or post:

Under 18 and exceptional circumstances

If you or your child is under 18 and you don't have the necessary ID or documentation, or if you have exceptional circumstances that mean you can't provide the forms of ID and proof of address outlined above, please give us a call on 0800 872 226 or come and talk to us at your local TSB branch about what types of ID we can accept.  

lanscape smartphone with padlock clipart on screen

Verify your identity virtually

If you've got a smart phone, you can verify your identity and address anywhere, like your comfy couch, with a digital ID verification tool called APLYiD. Easy!


If you have any questions, please talk to one of our team in branch or call 0800 872 226.