Our new Online Banking service is here.  

We’re launching a brand-new modern banking experience packed with features you already use and many you’ve been asking for!  

Enjoy new features like simple password resets, new alert options, streamlined approvals, simplified SMS/text authentication options, handy transaction searches and one login to access business and personal accounts.


If you’ve been invited to join new Online Banking, follow these 3 simple steps:


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Step 2


If you are already registered, you’ll need to login before you move to step 3.                                                       

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Step 3

Check your details

Once you've logged in check the following details.                                                                                                             

If you haven’t been invited yet, we’ll be in touch soon with your invitation. Until then you can check out the how-to guides and some of our common questions below.



How to guides

For more details on our features check out the below how-to guides.





Online banking 

  • Are there fee changes for Business Bank with the new Online Banking platform?

    As part of Business Bank launch the $10 monthly Business Bank service fee will no longer be charged.

    In addition to this for Group payments (previously known as Batch Payments) the .25c fee for payments processed to non TSB bank accounts will also be removed. 

  • Why can't I download my credit card statement?

    If you do not have any transactions for that statement period the download button will not be displayed.

  • Can I rename my credit card account?

    The ability to rename a credit card account is currently not available.

  • Can I apply for a TSB Debit Mastercard and/or Credit card through the new Online Banking platform?

    Currently, you are unable to apply for a TSB debit and/or credit card through our new online banking platform.

  • How long will it take for you to respond to a message sent from Message Us?

    We will get back to you within 48 hours via the preferred method of contact that you choose. If your query is urgent, please give us a call on 0800 872 226.

  • Will I get a notification when you respond to my message?

    Currently we are unable to respond to messages via Online Banking. We will respond to you via the preferred method of contact that you choose.

Signing up and logging in

  • Will I need two logins to access both my personal and business accounts?

    No. You only need to register once and then when you login you can see and access both your personal and business accounts on your dashboard.

My Accounts

  • Will my existing payees be available?

    All your payees are available as soon as you login.

  • Will my existing payment schedule templates be available?

    Your saved payment templates used in Business Bank will be available following the date we have shared with you for when they will be copied.

  • Will my payment schedule receipts be available?

    Any payment schedule receipts you have in Business Bank will not be available.  

  • Can I open a new bank account?

    Currently, we are unable to offer the ability to open accounts via Online Banking.

  • Will I be able to view my Kiwisaver account?

    Yes. Your Kiwisaver account and balance will be available to view.

  • Will my Foreign Currency account(s) be available?

    Yes. Your Foreign currency accounts and balances will be available.

  • Can I change the order of my accounts so I can see the ones I use the most first?

    Yes. It's very simple – just drag and drop them where you want, using the cursor from the dashboard, select the account you want to move and then drag to reorder it.


  • Can I transfer money between my personal and Business accounts?

    While you are able to see both your personal and business accounts on your dashboard, you are not able to transfer between them. You will need to make a payment from one account to the other. 

  • Can I use Quickpay to setup a regular payment?

    No. Quickpay is used for irregular payments to a payee. 

  • Can I still make payments from my account without saving as a payee?

    Unfortunately, all payment types IRD, company and personal are required to have their payment details saved as a payee. This may mean your payee list could become very long. You can manage this by deleting payees you don’t wish to keep. 

  • Can I notify someone that I have paid them?

    Yes. You can select to send a summary of your transaction by email at the time you make the payment. 

Group Payments

  • How far back will I be able to see my Group Payments?

    All group payments you make through the service will be available indefinitely. Unfortunately, any receipts for Batch Payment Schedules made in Business Bank will not be available. 

  • I can’t make a group payment from an account I use to use, why is this?

    Unfortunately, some accounts do not support the use of group payments. If an account you used previously is no longer available and you would like to find out more call us on 0800 986 869 if you need help.

  • Will I be able to make a group payment if there is insufficient funds in my account?

    Previously some Business Bank accounts had an overdraft facility that allows for group payments to process if there were insufficient funds this feature is no longer supported. You will need to have sufficient funds in your account or apply for a new overdraft facility. 

Multi to Sign Accounts

  • Do 2 to sign accounts require multiple authorisation to complete a transfer?

    Yes. The additional signatory will receive an approval request asking them to approve the transfer if they don’t approve the transfer it won’t be made. 

  • Is there a time boundary when approving two to sign accounts?

    Yes. All authorises are sent an email reminder at 7.59pm the day the payment is due to be made. They have until 11.58pm that day to approve the payment. 

  • If I have a two to sign account but more than 2 approvers, who needs to approve the payment?

    All approvers are sent an email asking them to approve the payment. Whoever can, is able to approve the payment, once approved the other request will no longer show in the other approvers pending approvals list. 

Multi-factor Authentication

  • Does multi-factor authentication work the same way?

    No. We’ve made some improvements to our multi-factor process and you are no longer required to send a text back. Instead, when you receive your authentication code you just enter it on the screen. 

  • Why can't I change my multi-factor authentication limit?

    We no longer support the ability to change your authentication limit through our Online Banking. If you would like to make a change please call us on 0800 986 869. 

  • When I am overseas will I be able to do text authentication from my mobile phone?

    No. Text authentication is only supported by NZ cell phone numbers. To use our Online Service from overseas you will require a security token. 


  • Why can’t I see accounts I have been given access to?

    Depending on the permissions that you have been given for the account by the account owner, you may not see any information for an account that you are delegated to. Ask the account owner to check they have set your permissions correctly. They can find more details on how here.


Security Tips

It’s important your money and personal information is kept secure. That’s why we do everything we can to provide you with better banking security. It’s also essential you know how to protect yourself so here are some helpful tips to avoid fraudulent activity.



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